Ascension – power thrust upon young Keith

Upon the King’s death last year, Keith became de jure king. It was not an easy task for he had not been prepared to take over the role as King at such an early age.

As Keith glanced up at his father’s portrait in his study, he couldn’t help but reminisce those times with his father. Keith recalled sitting in his father’s lap, alongside the old fireplace they once had; his hoarse yet authoritative voice propelled Keith to follow after his father’s footsteps to be the king his father had once been.

Keith always regarded his father as his hero. His mother died while giving birth to his brother. His father was the one that raised both of them, playing the role of both parents simultaneously. It was demanding, as a King has many duties to attend to. However, Keith’s father never missed a family dinner or celebration together. This is what Keith respected the most about his father: placing family and work to be of equal importance.

It struck him that his father had left his journal somewhere in the study. Without much difficulty, Keith managed to locate it among the rows of books on the shelf. He recalled his father bringing the black book around for work, documenting things of note while managing the country. A quick perusal of the book revealed how his father managed to keep the country running safely. Keith was relieved upon the discovery of the book as it would aid him in the future on the management of the country. One could say the kingdom was in good hands after all.

Author: TSH


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