Tropical afternoon

It was a hot, sunny afternoon. Allison was on the way to work with Chloe after their lunch break. The sun was blazing; the resulting sweat-beads trickled down their necks and backs. Hair clung to onto their neck like a thermal blanket, further heating up their body temperature. The sweat on their necks led to hair clumping together as though one had just taken a steaming bath.

“Wah, the weather nowadays very hot ah!” Allison grumbled.

“Yah! I feel like I’m melting already!” Chloe griped.

“Nowadays even with the air conditioner switched on at night, I’m still perspiring!” echoed Chloe.

“What?! Why don’t you lower the temperature then?” Allison questioned.

“Well, 25 degrees is the optimal temperature for air conditioner. Any lower and it will lead to a waste of electricity.” Chloe explained.

“Alright, how about not using blankets at night?” Allison inquired.

“But my feet will be cold if I don’t use them!” argued Chloe.

It was then that Allison could not fathom why Chloe refused to adjust the temperature to make herself more comfortable at night, especially with the recent and relentless heat wave.

Notes: Hyperlinks for vocabulary in bold lead to Oxford Dictionaries.

Author: TSH


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