Sally ruefully recalled how her son, John, ended up in jail.

On the night of his 18th birthday, he had decided to go drinking with his friends to celebrate. He eventually got lost amidst the noisy and frenetic club. When his friends found him, he was visibly befuddled. However, they thought nothing of it and assumed that he was only under the influence of alcohol.

Over the next few weeks, John started spending more and more time with his new friends from the club. His complexion worsened and her started coming home at later times. Sally sensed something was amiss and asked her son if he was encountering any problems. John, as usual, told her to mind her own business.

It was a Sunday when Sally heard a knock on the door only to find the police waiting outside. John was promptly arrested for aiding his reprobate ‘friends’ in their practices of vice – the sale and consumption of insidiously addictive drugs.

(The author prefers to remain anonymous.)


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