O/A Level Resource – Indians/Society

This information, in my opinion, is useful for Singapore based Social Studies (SS, Syllabus 2204, the outgoing syllabus) and General Paper (Syllabus 8807 – more immediately Application Question or Essay/Paper 1). Generally, it may be helpful for students taking Express English since Text 3 (Paper 2) of the 1128 syllabus is ‘non-narrative’.

The content comes from the book ‘Indians’ (published 2015) by Vineeta Sinha (locally based sociologist). It would be useful for the topic of Social Cohesion and Harmony – with related concepts (SS syllabus document) being: discrimination, compromise and mutual accommodation, common space, minority rights, and integration. The pages are:

  • 47 to 48
  • 54 to 55
  • 62 to 63 (useful for SS, 2267 Syllabus – Blue coloured textbook)
  • 88 to 90

The author, became a Singapore citizen in 2002. Her rather interesting and heartwarming life story (dated 15 Jan 2016) can be found on tabla! – hosted by Asiaone news.


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