Sports overrated? Some views…

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The entertainment value of professional sport is overrated as it has been plagued by rigged matches devoid of true action. Due to high monetary stakes, the outcomes of games in different sports have been fixed. This contradicts the purported passion and skills that are found at sporting events. In cricket, a massive match-fixing scandal was uncovered in 2000. Hansie Cronje admitted he had accepted money to throw matches. Soon players from other countries were implicated, among them Mohammad Azharuddin and Saleem Malik. Ten years on, three leading Pakistan players were suspended by the International Cricket Council (ICC) after police investigations. It was recognised that bookmakers and the underworld were manipulating cricket results and specific moments of play. Australian rubgy was arguably disgraced when ex-player John Elias admitted he once tried to fix the match for a Western Suburbs victory while he was playing for the opposing South Sydney team. His biography entitled <Sin Bin> stated he had four other players on board but the fix did not eventuate. Another player, Ryan Tandy, was convicted in 2011 for deliberately conceding a penalty in 2010. The judge found there was contact between Tandy and three others who had placed “substantial bets” on the match. The nefarious impact that gambling and capitalism exerted on professional sport has thus degraded its entertainment value, regardless of how much sport advertising proclaims it to be otherwise.

Evidence against:

Ferrari’s Formula One Handovers and Handovers from Surgery to Intensive Care. (No date). [Enhanced patient safety with 20% reduction in patient errors].

Wales hospital uses F1 pit stop tactics for newborn resuscitation. (10 May 2016). Financial Times. 


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