Scary movies: –ve effects

Bernie DeGroat. (29 Mar 1999). Scary movies can have lasting effects on children and teens, study says. The University Record. University of Michigan. More than 150 college students were surveyed 90% media fright reaction stemmed from childhood/teenage years. 26% reported ‘residual anxiety’. Blood and gore in horror movies tended to cause the most phobic reactions. One …

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EBS (7066) – Secondary – Resources

The following might be useful resources for Elements of Business, a subject studied under the Normal Technical stream in Singapore. Basic Marketing - Podcasts (with scripts) Viral marketing. British Council. eBay. (2006). British Council. Customer Relations (3.1 - Communicating with the customer) - Videos (with scripts)  Lemon-sized luxury boxes. (26 Oct 2016). Episode 17. English …

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Repost: Financial (or Capital) Globalisation

This would be useful information/analysis for the GCE Cambridge A Level History and General Papers; and would more be useful for the GCE Cambridge O Level Social Studies paper (Syllabus 2267 than Syllabus 2204). A review of Chapter 2 in Part Two of <The End of Finance>. The term ‘capital’ refers to financial capital. The …

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