Deterrent sentencing

杀一儆百 - Literally: Kill one, warn hundred. 「最近治安不好,主张掳人勒赎者一律处以死刑,以收杀一儆百之效。」 Due to poor public safety recently, some have advocated the death penalty for kidnappers so as to attain a deterrent effect. Ministry of Education, Republic of China, Taiwan – original in Traditional Chinese script. Regina v Wayne Evans [2017] EWCA Crim 139, 14 February 2017 - Wayne …

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The dark side of cutting food waste

Queensland University of Technology academics wrote on 22 Jun 2017 that: At a time when one billion people globally experience hunger, as much as 50% of all food produced – up to two billion metric tonnes – is thrown away every year. In Australia alone, as much as 44 million tonnes of food is wasted …

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Law & Health – Mobile/Hand/Cell phones

5 years on in two different cases, the first in the Supreme Court and the latter in a regional one (north Italian town Ivrea), mobile phone usage was deemed to have ‘causal link(s)' with brain tumours. [In effect, the Supreme Court judgment became the legal precedent.] References: Cancer cells: Italian court rules ‘mobile phones can cause …

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